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Top 10 Reasons to Raise Your Freelance Rates

10 It feels like your clients treat you like a warm body who'll do their bidding, not an expert to be trusted.

9 You're always working... but you never seem to get anywhere.

8 You find yourself prioritizing your day based on which client is the most angry, the most urgent and will pay the fastest.

7 You make dark, cynical jokes about living off coffee and the 30-day grace period on your credit cards.

6 You find yourself working for clients you'd  never hire for anything.

5 Whoops! You forgot to include marketing, networking, sales calls, administrative work, writing contracts, and "just one quick change" work in your hourly rate.

4 Health insurance? Vacation? Sick days? Retirement fund? Evenings spent relaxing with friends? Ha!

3 You feel under immense pressure to take gigs that don't make sense, that you don't want to do, because you need the money.

2 You can't find enough time or energy to do your best work. (And your clients? They can't even tell the difference.)

1 You miss having a job.

The Bottom Line

Undercharging is a freelancer's disease. Sadly, it's infectious!

When you undercharge, you have to take on too much work. You have to take on work you don't want. You can't find enough time to relax, to recharge, to learn new things, to get out there and find great work that'll make you shine.

Instead, you become a prisoner. You've got to appease your clients, because you feel like they're in control. What if they fire me? I'll go broke!

You might think that this is good for your clients, but it's not!

When you undercharge, everybody loses. Sure, the occasional crazy, cackling client makes off with a great deal. But, really, you can't do great work when you're so stressed you're about to pop. You can't give your clients the support and guidance they need. And it doesn't do anyone any good when you work for people you can't connect with… or respect.

Charge more, though, and you'll actually attract a better type of client. The ones who are happy to pay for your expertise, who'll pay up front deposits. The kind who want a partner, not a slave.

And… you'll be able to work fewer hours, meaning you can relax, and learn, and grow. Which means you'll be able to do better work.

Undercharging hurts everyone. Charging for value helps everyone.

That's what we call a happy ending!

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