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Top 5 Monthly

Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers

Reward your fans. Send out an e-newsletter with some juicy "subscriber-only" content: an exclusive interview, freebie product or repeat-client discount.

Gather praise. Solicit fresh testimonials from a handful of ultra-happy clients, and file them away for future use — or, stick 'em up on your website, straightaway.

Write a meaty guest-post. Choose a website or blog with a built-in audience, so you're not spouting brilliance into an empty void. Tip: use to check visitor & pageview stats, before you agree to post.

Attend an industry event. And it doesn't have to be a fancy (read: pricey) conference, either. Try a local start-up biz happy hour, user group, co-working space soiree, or industry Tweet-up. (Can't find one? Start one!)

Spruce up your online presence. Review your social media profiles + avatars. Update stale language and images, as needed.

Download the monthly self-promotion worksheet!

The Bottom Line

Self-promotion isn't about taking two days a month to market yourself, it's about little actions you do every day... and every week.

But those little daily & weekly actions aren't enough. You need to take a 10,000 ft view once in a while, and do something big. Or at least biggish. And that's what this monthly checklist is all about.

PS: We did a Top 5 Daily Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers and Top 5 Weekly Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers checklist, too!

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