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Top 5 Annual

Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers

Say thanks. Sending handwritten "thank you" notes to repeat clients (on branded stationery, of course) makes a powerful impression. Extra credit: include a small gift, clever souvenir, or valuable voucher / coupon.

Buff & Polish. Take a good, honest look at your online image, marketing collateral and peripherals. Are you long overdue for a new set of headshots? Do you need a copywriter to jazz up your webcopy? Is your bio woefully out of date? Invest a bit of time (and money) to polish your presence.

Announce Your Intentions. As the year draws to a close, you're probably recalibrating goals for 2019. Why not publicly announce your intentions in a blog post, or e-newsletter? The "big reveal" will spark anticipation, and serve as pre-promotional groundwork for any new products or packages you're planning to launch.

Do an SEO Inventory. If your business has evolved significantly over the past year, are your search engine keywords still relevant? What's your Google page ranking? Could you do with a few more inbound links? Perform an SEO inventory -- and hire a professional, if needed.

Crunch The Numbers. You've been pumping time, energy and money into your self-promotional efforts for a whole year -- time flies when you're hustling like a champ! So what worked? What didn't? Which techniques surprised you? Which cost more than they ought've? Do an assessment of your different promotional streams, and determine which ones to double-up, and which ones to ditch.

Download the yearly self-promotion worksheet!

The Bottom Line

The daily, weekly, and monthly self-promotional habits are all about implementing your grand plan. What grand plan? Ah, yes. That's where the yearly habits come in.

PS: We did a Top 5 Daily Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers and Top 5 Weekly Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers and even a Top 5 Monthly Self-Promotion Rules for Freelancers checklist, too! To help you implement  your grand plan, after you get it made.

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